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Thread: duplicate channels on 4.0

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    duplicate channels on 4.0

    I have System Menu v4.0U I had a modchip installed yesterday. I had burned a couple of games and had one PAL game downloaded. After reading around I decided to stay away from imports for the time being and stick to USA releases only. Well apparently I burned the PAL iso of ACDC rock band before I had deleted it and wrote that it was something else on the DVD. I went to play the DVD and took the update and now I have duplicate channels. Is there anyway I will be able to remove this? I'm told that using the duplicate channel remover iso's won't work for me. Is this the case? Thanks for any help that anyone can provide to me.

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    I can't use we brew because I don't have homebrew on my system and currently have V4.0 Would a newer update take care of this? Is there a newer update than AC/DC Rockband?


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