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Thread: are all wads created equal?

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    are all wads created equal?

    I've done all the research I can before posting, but need some advice, so here's my 'Q's.

    a) Some wads when installed show up on wii home channel menu some don't even when installation is reported, 'successful'. Why?

    b) Starfall (a .dol not a .wad) is also reportedly, successfully installed but also does not appear as a channel on the Home Channel menu although I see on a youtube tute that it can. Should I see it there.

    I've downgraded to 3.2U with Fix.


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    No, some WADs are more equal than the others, and some are less.

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    Which wads aren't showing? Not all wads are channels. For starfall to show up properly in your homebrew channel you need an icon and an xml in the same folder as it, like this one.

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    Thx Dogeggs, I do have all three (identical) files and the install says that it was successfully completed, but there's no channel on the wii home screen. ?

    Any thoughts? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? ....

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    You are mixing up things.
    DOLs are, ok, lets say for simplicity's shake, channels inside the Homebrew Channel! You won't see them on your regular channel.
    WADs are channels (mostly)

    Open your SD:\Apps folder, make a "Starfall" folder, copy all 3 files (the dol - the program, the xml - the info file and the png - the icon) to that starfall folder.
    Then, on your menu, go to the Homebrew Channel - Starfall will be there.
    There is no actual need for having starfall as a channel...

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    That's what I thought, and needed confirmed. I knew wads were for channels and dols, essentially, utils that modified sys config.

    I didn't expect a starfall 'channel' to appear, but saw one on you tube. The files have been, and will stay in place, on my SD card.

    big 10-Q to all for support!


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