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Thread: USBLoader issues..overheating and duplicate named ISOs?

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    USBLoader issues..overheating and duplicate named ISOs?

    Hi guys its been awhile since Ive actually had to post something, usually if I dig long enough I find what Im looking for in the archives. I am stumped on a few things though and would LOVE anyone input/recommendations/assistance here.

    1. I have native 3.2U system and have had homebrew,gamma,starfall,etc for ages on my own system...however I just downgraded my brothers new Wii from 3.4 to 3.2 today and couldnt install everything I had on mine...namely I few cIOS,dvdx and starfall..... I was wondering why b/c I thought the downgrade remedied this....the usb loader isnt failsafe yet and its good to have a back up channel working just in case (tatsunoko v capcom)

    I did get the cIOS 249rev9 and USB loader1.5 installed so I was gonna say what the heck and leave it at that but after about 20 mins or so of playing via the USB loader the Wii will cut off I presume its overheating b/c the console itself gets pretty dang hot.

    I dont have any of these installation woes/overheating issues on my native 3.2U Wii though, just my bros that I just downgraded from 3.4 to 3.2.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction as to:
    A) How to get all the cIOS installed so that I have a working gamma backup channel on the downgraded Wii ?

    B) Why is the USB loader overheating the Wii like that? Am I missing something....all the games seem to load fine it cuts off by itself after awhile. The light on the console itself goes off and you have pull plug out and put back in to get the lights to come back on.

    Once again I'd like to point out that on my wii the usb loader doesnt overheat and the hard drive loads fine on that so its an issue with the downgraded wii.

    Lastly, for all the custom Guitar Hero games, how does one get them all on a hard drive? I have several misc custom discs but they are all ported from guitar hero 3 so the USB loader/WBFS views it as already being on the hard drive and will not add it. (I know you can change the title, Im refering to the Game ID tag that classifies my 4 Guitar Hero games all as the same game...which techincally they are just with different songs)

    Was also curious if anyone had any insight into those issues as well.

    Looking up Ive typed quite alot lol but I have searched pretty well and have yet to come up with a solution for my problems, can someone please help me out here with the USB loader issues, Guitar Hero game tag issues, or both?

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    usb hdd draws power fm wii console; and that might cause overheat interanlly. mind ur ventilation at play.
    overheat might not related to native or downgraded 3.xu, but hardware component tolerances inside wii.
    ( did u note a mini dc fan inside wii ? )
    latest WBFS mgr supports gamename changes. ..applicable for u?
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    Answer to A, if possible downgrade CIOS/IOS via wifi it will download everything needed and you SHOULD be able to have everything working.

    Answer to B, Well its not really an answer but try - Madcatz Dual Charging Fan Stand and Battery Packs (Wii): PC & Video Games - i have this myself bonus are it comes with rechargable batterys, a nice fan inside the stand to draw heat, and LED's for well lighting it up blue not needed put if you are into it then i guess its cool
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    Hey thanks for the reply!

    I actually didnt note if the fan on the inside is working or not....he just got this wii used at gamestop so it couldve been through some tough think those after market (Interact?) cooling fans would help? I just thought it perculiar that it doesnt drain too much/overheat on my wii, only his.

    I just noticed the 2.5 sbfs out so I will give that a go but the previous releases wouldnt allow the file(s) to be copied even if the game title itself was different, it seemed to be some kind of tagging issue.

    Edit: thanks for reply as well Athk, Im prob gonna give one of those fans a whirl tomorrow and Ill reply how the results where.

    I literally just did downgrade from 3.4 to 3.2 via wifi like 4-5 hours ago though and still it wont let me install starfall,dvdx and a few cios?
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    Buying it used could be the problem changing the fan or replugging it in is not hard at all.

    Here is another solution solver - Wii cooling fan solves a problem you didn't have

    Here is how to replace the fan - SLB: Nintendo Wii: How to Replace the Internal Fan
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    quick replies! awesome! Its about 1am here but I will go to gamestop tomorrow and try out one of those fans.

    Any clue on why the stuff why install on the downgraded 3.2u? I was wondering if there was anything on there possibly there could interfere with it.....I remember when I upgraded to USB loader(on my native 3.2u) I had to get Any Title Deleter to remove 249 and then install the new revised one that came with it.

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    i used neither those accessories fm market, but homemade with 45m/m dc-fan run at 5~7v.. put it aside the wii, blowing against the usb hdd and the console.


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