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Thread: Close but no cigar....Backup Launcher Error 324; Gecko No DVD

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    Cool Close but no cigar....Backup Launcher Error 324; Gecko No DVD

    Background Info:
    Wii 3.3u
    Backup Launcher (WiiGator) 0.3Gamma IOS249
    Gecko OS 1.8.02
    Game burned using ImgBurn on a DVD-R

    I already have the Homebrew installed using the Twilight hack....
    I have the above installed as well. When using Backup Launcher i receive the Read Error (324) when trying to launch a copied game. This is the same game that works on a friends system using the same config (not sure about wii version)

    Using Gecko i receive the No DVD found error.

    Two Questions: what am I missing. CIOS is installed but there are no WAD files in my root of the SD card. I read in some places that there should always be a file in the root, however the install of CIOS goes through smoothly. Original games play with no issues.
    Any help is appreciated...Gotti "Grab the cannolis, Leave the Gun"

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    You may need to update your IOS249, have you installed cIOS36rev9, give that a try. Once you have installed a wad on your Wii it is no longer needed on your SD card.

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    error 324 is either bad media, cIOS249 or IOS36 issue.
    u got error prompted at Backup Launcher while lack of cIOS36.
    to faciliate new game playing, cIOS37, IOS38, 51, 53, 55, 60, 61 be installed.
    search the thread for IOS update without going to 4.0u.
    once IOS+cIOS done, no wad files needed on ur SD card, unless u intend to do UNinstall via WAD Mgr, later.

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    Kinda of got lost in the translations above.....
    So currently i have IOS249 and cIOS
    after looking at all my previous downloads i do not have any WAD files. So the instructions that say copy IOS36-64-v1042.wad to the root of the SD I'm sure was not followed. However when I ran the cIOS installer I seen many attempts to the Internet to download files and it was successful. Could this have been downloaded during the install. If so the first recommendations above asked to go to cIOS36Rev9. When i downladed this the instructions state to put the IOS36-64-v1042.wad file in thje root. i dont have this file. Now if i interpetted your recommendation wrong let me know. If not do I need this file to continue?
    The second recommendation states cIOS37, IOS38, 51, 53, 55, 60, 61 be installed. Are you saying i have to find each and everyone of these and install them?


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