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Thread: making wii a vigin

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    making wii a vigin

    hey everyone i had some problems with my wii and would like to restore it back to factory 289u. everytime i go into settings i get this error message marc:FIX/US/ENG/index01.html. i have done quit a bit of reading and my wii is semi brick. every thread i read said to load it back to 289. i downloaded it but i when i extract it, it is and iso. well i burn't it and put it in the wii but it gives me an error cannot read disk.. other post were saying load it as a .wad. well that is the problem i cannot find the wad anywhere. everything i get is an iso. i have googled system menu 289.wad and do find info about how to do it but cannot find the wad. is there a way i can extract the iso to a wad file ? oh ya i do have the hbc on the wii. or does anyone know where i can get that wad file? thanks Shawn675

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    iso file would not be read, if wii at 3.3~4.0u.

    search for " Semibrick wad " again, the file was posted in this Forum sometime ago.
    call Dogeggs for help.....
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    thank you very much loaded the 289.wad, the first wadmanager did not work, gave me and error, then i tryed another one and it worked great. loaded the system menu 289.wad and restored my system settings. i can not acess the internet and all my options just like before, no opera error screen.... thanks again


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