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Thread: Wii sd ntfs/fat32 problems

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    Wii sd ntfs/fat32 problems

    Im trying to run isos on my wii. i have a 16gb sdhc...which the new firmware are larger than 4gbs meaning my sdhc has to be in ntfs format because fat32 has a 4gb limit. so when i put my games and all the necessary apps and programs, the wii doesn't read the sdhc. When its in fat32 it works but i cant put my iso on. HOW DO I DO THIS PLZ HELP ME

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    I have the same question. Any answer?

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    Same problem here... maybe using WBFS?

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    Using WBFS will allow you to extract the game-part of the ISO, meaning that you leave the update-partition and the uneeded space alone.. In that way your ISO should only exceed 4 GB in RARE cases (as far as i know?).
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    You are right. But can the card be read by the wii? I think so if you have a wiikey but i need to confirm that...

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    hi, make a smaller fat32 partition for the apps, and the bigger partition ntfs for the games.. make sure when you partition that the 1st one is for games and is marked as active/primary. open WBFS manager and format the ntfs partition to wbfs.. Add your gamed.. You might have to change the driver of the sd card so the pc recognises it as a new hard drive and not a removable device/media.
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