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Thread: Best usbloader loader best cios for usbloader

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    Best usbloader loader best cios for usbloader

    can someone please recommend me pls

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    See kcid's post (today) on waninkoko's ver 1.5.

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    thx i want to use usbloader only and i remember i downloaded a IOS for backuploader gamma how do i delete it?and whats it called?

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    Best one is this modded one, and the backup loader gamma uses the same cios as the usb loader (249) just an older version, so the newer one will just overwrite it

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    There is an ios title deleter but I'm still relatively new and since it can be a risky (removing wrong ios can brick) I'll invite a more experienced member to give clear direction here. You can search it though, it's on the site, I've read it trying to bring myself up to speed.
    good luck

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    thx guys for some reason brawl keeps on freezeing on me online when i exit online mode its the jap brawl and i can't brick block it either says invald iso O.o? any ideas?im using starfall btw oh and it makes load noise when it freezes
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