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Thread: Homebrew menu problem

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    Unhappy Homebrew menu problem


    Ok pretty new to the Wii,just cracked how to do back'ups,now learning about Wads and homebrew stuff also downgraded my Wii from 3.4e to 3.2e
    so i got a smidgeon of basic knowledge.

    My problem is when u select the arrow in homebrew channel
    instead of moveing to next menu to select apps.
    The Apps spring back to the first menu.

    So i can only select 4 apps at one time which is damn annoying
    anybody else get this? Now at one point the channel was fine
    could select no problem,then get the same weird glitch as before.

    Hope u guys have the answer,cause it got me baffled

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    What did i miss?

    Err,thanks for the pointer but unless my Wii,Noobiness
    is makeing me me miss the glaringly obvious.

    Point 3 is emulation,my wee problem is menu related
    as it springs back as i click the arrow,it has no relation
    to emulation.?

    But if i have missed something please point out my

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    I think he meant post 3 adding apps to the homebrew channel. Curious ...How is your sd set up? your folder structure and what you have in your folders


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