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Thread: Pal? Nst Wat??

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    Pal? Nst Wat??


    another noob on board, i just got a used wii thats like 2 months old. I hope it can easily be modded, I am going to a store to get that done so I dont know which chip they will use.

    My question is:
    what difference does it make which chip it use?
    does it have to do with something i have been reading? like ppl are saying i hope it works with PAL or something like that. others are saying NTSL or something? what do they mean?

    Also someone said they have been bricked ? what is it and how do avoid that? (it sounds bad haha)

    Thanks for all the help. This site looks grrreat


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    pal and ntsc are the formats that are used in different areas, im sure someone can give you a better explanation than that.

    Pal is used in Australia and Asia and Ntsc is used in the USA.

    WIIKey seems to be on of the two more popular mods.

    Bricking is very bad as it screws up you WII, how it happens if you play and update a ntsc with a pal update or vice versa, im sure there are other ways to brick a WII as well. You can also get a handy program called brick blocker that removes the update from the game so it dosent try to update your WII when you play it.
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    thanks! i think i get it now!


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