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Thread: Virgin 4.0e question

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    Arrow Virgin 4.0e question

    I have as the title says, a virgin 4.0e Wii.
    I'm thinking about getting me a FlatMii thingie to play my *cough* "backups" from my HTPC as Iso files.
    My question is, can I use the Flatmii in any way to get the HBC installed, or even use the flatmii to downgrade to 3.2?


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    u can't install hbc at 4.0, or downgrade atm

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    I think you'll be better off if you wait 'til an exploit comes out for 4.0.
    It's not so far away IMHO, people are working on it!
    Then, you can install the USB loader which is (for me) even better than FlatMii because
    1. It's free
    2. Don't have to take apart your wii
    3. Don't have to have a working computer nearby.
    It just kicks ass.

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    Ok, thx for the input guys.

    I'll give the exploit another week or so, then its off to FlatMii land.
    1. Because it's really not that expensive. about half the price of an orig game.
    2. because i love taking things apart
    3. I allready have a computer right next to my wii.
    Let the ass-kicking begin....



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