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Thread: hello and all

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    Lightbulb hello and all

    new into videogames
    or almost

    I hacked a DS, but I think I'll need more help to hack a new Wii from Japan, version 4.0J

    regards from Tokyo

    all the best


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    welcome to wiihacks ^_^
    I fail at hacking.

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    Hi Junglecat - welcome to wiihacks! Please read the rules before posting, search any questions you may have before asking them and try and post in the correct section and you won't go far wrong...if you want priority support, the chance to win an NTorrents invite and a large cash prize then why not enter the Mario Kart comp? Hope you enjoy your stay here and we'll see you around

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    Hi, and welcome to wiihacks XD.

    make sure you read the rules and the tuts before you ask questions. you can search as well.

    make sure you post in the right spots.

    Have a good time!

    regards, Thete

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