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Thread: Wad over writing Wad

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    Wad over writing Wad

    I am installing wad channels for my usb drive I have 4 wads done but now when I install another that wad over writes another channel.
    Any help with this.


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    i'm not a wad expert, I mainly find em and install em, but I think you need to change the value of the ticket. Your wads are probably installing with the same title, if you change it you should be able to install all 4 (don't ask how to change it, like i said i don't make my own wads! just my thoughts)

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    Thanks that was what i need to do. I now have all my games for my usb drive as channel wads.

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    Hi, Can i know which wad to download forplaying wii games onusb drive? And how to do it can you insert link?Thx q..

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    I don't have a single link. I just did a lot of reading and Trial and error.
    I will see if I can find something for you.

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    You should find a lot of info here.
    Make an USB Game Channel. -
    Let me know if it helps.


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