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Thread: Wii 3.1e

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    Wii 3.1e


    I have bought a PAL wii with firmware 3.1e

    I am wondering how to load homebrew on it.. (I have looked at some guides but they say they are for 3.2)

    I also want to be able to play Wii Fit on this firmware without updating as when I put in the game disc the Wii wants to update itself... Is there anyway around this?

    Lastly can anyone tell me the best channels and homebrew apps to have..

    So in short:
    *Wanting homebrew on 3.1e
    *Wanting to play WiiFit without updating
    *Wanting the best channels & homebrew apps


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    Follow this guide and everything should work fine As for channels, have a look through these and download the ones you want...


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