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Thread: dvd error

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    dvd error

    help I am getting readerr 324 no cios what did i do wrong

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    You didn't use search.
    Error 324 - bad media.

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    DVD error, it means bad media. I think that maybe two possibility.
    1. Maybe you used DVD+R disc, wii can't read +R disc. u can use DVD-R disc, it works fine.
    2. Or your burn disc process is fail. try to burn it again.

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    Burn with ImgBurn on Verbatim DVD-R. It's the best choice! I've tried to write down PES2009 on a TDK DVD-R with x2, then x1 - speed. The same problem -> DVD Read Error. Has spoilt 4 disks. Then bought Verbatim DVD-Rs (50-pcs pack). Wrote down in ImgBurn on automatic speed, not on x2. Result is excellent! Good luck!


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