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Thread: drivekey problems

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    drivekey problems

    Ok..I installed the homebrew channel almost a month ago. Love the ability to DL VC games and manage them..also having a hardmodded wii is nice. The problem I have run into, and need input from people that may or may not be facing this. The only thing I have done different is load cIOS rev9 and now I cannot access the drivekey's menu. None of my backups work and the originals error out after minutes. Would this be an issue with the HDD App. I believe I also installed the USBHD-USBL.wad file. What program can I use to look at system wad files that do not have channels or cIOS files I have installed so I can remove them. I do not wish to just jumble more on top of other's. I know there is a way because I remember reading about it while I was getting familiar with do's and don'ts of softmodding.

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    Screw it..50 people have viewed the thread here and 100 at gbatemp. I'll format and stay in the shadows. My 2 cents are now reserved for my own programming when I buy another Wii.

    I'll find these links in another week to see if anyone has posted to it..doubt it though.

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    this one is above my knowledge ......sorry

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    I have the drivekey mod chip with v3.2u. I have the HBC and many .wad files. I also run backups through wii gator's backup launcher with error002 fix. I just recently added cIOS36 rev 9 and 10 with usb loaders. I only backup that I cannot run through the mod chip is sonic and the black knights. I use the backup launcher for that. All backups and originals run off of drivekey and backup launcher.
    You might try to install cIOS36 rev10 to run your HDD and you might be lucky enough to run the rest of your backups and originals again.


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