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Thread: List of games containing firmware update?

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    List of games containing firmware update?

    Where can I find a list of games containing firmware updates?

    I would like to instal the homebrew chanel on a (unmodded) Wii 2.1E.
    Firts I need an update to 3.x?? to do this. Updating by internet will result in 4.0.
    The most simple solution is running an game with an 3.x european firmware update on it. Or is there an other solution?
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    Here you go m8: Games with updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by fl4711 View Post
    Or is there an other solution?
    Hello, you can use AnyRegion Changer
    AnyRegion Changer - WiiBrew

    and upgrade to 3.2. I did so

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    My Guitar Hero Metallica tried to do an update, but a quick intall to hard drive with USBLoader took care of that update.


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