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Thread: Question from a noob to all of this (regarding wad files)

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    Question from a noob to all of this (regarding wad files)

    I'm getting some urges to play Harvest Moon 64. Can there only be a wad file of it once it's released on the VC? I would assume so since that would kind of eliminate the need for emulators, but I just want to make sure.

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    There would be a wad if it were released on the virtual console or if someone injected the rom file into another nintendo 64 game. There's a program that does it, but you generally have to use a certain wad (some games work some games don't) that tends to be injected into well and then you can't be sure the game will work until you do it. I don't know much about rom injection, but if you search for it you'll find more than I can tell you

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    Use Wad Manager and use one of these VC's...


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