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Thread: I've been away for six months what have I missed?

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    I've been away for six months what have I missed?

    Hi guys and gals I have been away for six months now I'm trying to get back into my Wii and wanted to know whats new. I have a d2sun chip and have starfall hack installed. I know I'm a few firmwares behind but I don't have any clue to what I have missed can any one please help fill me in and tell me what new and cool stuff out there. Thanks

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    6 months ?? BOY,u've missed ALOT

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    ROFL...... 6 months....... PMSLOL.... missed anything......... errr not much

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    preloader, marcan quitting, softmii V3 nearly, Mii Wii 0.5, boot mii nearly released, hoards and hoards of USB loaders, big thing for you would be usb loader as you run a hardware mod, possibly boot mii when complete, oh yeah and a new version 4 dash, i recomend you stay on 3.2 if you have it.
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    Oh, and Holland is still not flooded


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