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Thread: Rock Band 2 Friend Code Exchange

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    Post Rock Band 2 Friend Code Exchange

    My Rock Band 2 F.C. is: 033003730067, add me, and type your F.C. on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilkey View Post
    My Rock Band 2 F.C. is: 033003730067, add me, and type your F.C. on this forum.
    hi im new here i play guitar and i play on medium my characters name is travis here is my friend code 153262871685

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    rockband 2 friend code

    my name is reagan manuel my friend code is 015823784727 and i play the drums on hard difficulty.

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    I play drums on easy and guitar on medium. Can also do bass on easy and medium as well.

    Friend code in RB2 is 4367-3068-7730

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    i can play all insturment's on easy....

    here's my FC 2219-8240-3208

    let's rock out with our instrument's out!!

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    Add me. I have the hack to have ALL DLC on Rb2.


    I play Expert/Hard (depends on song) Guitar.

    Im gonna get the GHWT Drums (for both play with GH and RB)

    I dont wana play with anyone on easy/medium (to many people that dificulty on the wii RB2 online). So make sure you play at least hard on a instrament, then add me.
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    My FC: 294996847786

    character name gypsygirl13
    I can play:
    drums - medium and hard(selected songs only)
    guitar - medium and hard(warm up and apprentice category)
    vocals - medium, hard(on songs I like) and expert(on songs I really really like)
    bass - never really tried it but medium I guess, maybe

    I use RawkSD (not sure if it works online though) also working on getting all the DLCs.

    I'll add everyone here tom.

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    Friend Code : 3293-5654-0022

    Character name : Fred

    Guitar : Expert, platinium so I play every song.
    Bass : Expert (platinium icon come to bass too when you do the endless on guitar so..) Every song.
    Drums : Expert, platinium so every song too.
    Vocal : Expert, also platinium and every song.

    And for those who through that im hacked, no, im not. I can do Guitar/vocal if needed.

    I'll add everyone here. And i also use rawksd for rock band 1 song.
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