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Thread: Wasabi dx modchip review~updated March 31/2010

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    Thumbs up Wasabi dx modchip review~updated March 31/2010

    We are happy to say is that the Wasabidx is simply... excellent!!!

    The coveted wasabi drive code is the code that all others try to copy...with varying degrees of success

    • build quality is 2nd to we have seen

    • runs rock solid and stable with all the new features of the 4th generation modchips

    • The ability to run the dx on its 2nd core can be a big bonus for wii's that are compatable

    we have tested the extensively Wasabi dx on all known versions of wii's ever manufactured and happy to say that this is the ONLY 3rd gen chip on the market with ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES AT ALL !!!

    They are available here on wiihacks from our recommended stores

    we have 3Official resellers here on
    They also come with our highest recommendation.....

    June 10/09
    After extensive field testing (meaning customers ) in the last few months...we are happy to say that this modchip which has been tested by everything out there is still totally issue free and runs solidly

    The Wasabidx has now become one of the most popular chips on the market
    > one of our favorites

    June 27/09

    There are starting to be many complaints of issues of original games not working on the wii with serial # starting LU64/LU65 , when using the DRIVEKEY X4. ,however feel that is not the case for all wiis with those serials....
    We have installed a few Drivekeys on those serials and haven't had a problem so far..... info to follow

    March 31/2010

    Still rock solid for all wii upto and including the d3/d2 nothing versions
    and able to play the new BCA encrypted games like nsmb
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