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Thread: Newbie here ! Newbie Prob !

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    Exclamation Newbie here ! Newbie Prob !

    Hi guys wiin00b here i got thiss wiiierd prob help me out here ?

    k i've tried every usb iso loader there is but it never rips my backups only originals whenever i try to rip a backup on any usb iso loader it gives me the error "wbfs panic : malloc cert"

    .And my other problem is i installed wbfs manager 1.0 on my Vista laptop but whenevr i try formatting or loading my WD passport essential hdd it always says

    "An error occured while attempting to format the drive:could not get the drive geometry:No error wbfs windows port build 'delta' Warning ALL data on drive 'E' will be lost irretrivably" when i try to format it to wbfs

    & "Error occured while loading entries" when i try to load it(i formatted it through the usb loader app) but still no good


    I'm on cIOS rev9 i used the .wad installation
    and im running Windows vista home premium 32-bit
    its a 320GB hdd

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    I would try to format the drive to fat32 first then format it with WBFS.
    Some drives will not work correct if it has been formated with NTFS first.


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