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Thread: ScummVM Wii 0.14.0 svn r39954

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    ScummVM Wii 0.14.0 svn r39954

    ScummVM Wii 0.14.0 svn r39954 Released

    has released a new version of ScummVM an oldschool game interpreting engine for the Nintendo Wii. Using this engine along with the original data files from the many supported games you can play them on your Nintendo Wii. Most games are classic point and click adventure games. For more information visit ScummVM's site for a list of supported games along with screenshots and how to use this interpreter.

    What's New?

    - Fixed the Enter key in the VKEYBD

    Download: Here

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    I’m confused I read what this is but I am still confused.

    Does this play a rom or an iso of a game? Like I see the Freddie the fish, which I had for computer. Would you use this or does it use something totally different.
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    is it can be run on my 3.4U Wii ?

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    I used to use ScummVM on my ipaq i've got loads of old games like Monkey Island series that play really well through it. This is defiantly going to be installed as soon as I get time.

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    Nice post and app

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    I was just getting ready to install this to play Broken Sword 2. Evidently 3 and 4 aren't on the supported list yet. I wonder if there is some way to make "unsupported" games play?
    Are you plagued with D3-2?

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    philvt101, this has to do something about their resources\scripts, since several games had heavily-encrypted\packed data or non-standard\non-ScummVM-compatible scripts\methods used. Usually it's up to original ScummVM developers to implement "new" games, then other people will backport the modifications. That's just how the OpenSource works...


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