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Thread: Genuine Wiikey with 3.2U firmware, what to upgrade to?

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    Genuine Wiikey with 3.2U firmware, what to upgrade to?

    I've been out of the Wii scene for over a year now and I've tried to keep up with all the news and I just can't figure out what I should do now.
    • I want to play MadWorld and, from what I've read, I need at least firmware 3.4 which I don't have. I have 3.2U at the moment.
    • I use wiibrickblocker with all my games as I am a freak paranoid and I want to be sure there is no other region updates bundled with the games.
    • I do not play homebrew games and do not mind being blocked from playing homebrew in the future.
    • My US wii also has a genuine Wiikey in it, with firmware 1.9s if I recall...

    Can and should I upgrade from the internet? From what I've read I should get firmware 3.5 (4.0 being only offered to Korean dudes(ettes) at the moment). Am I right?

    Will I still be able to play online with my modded wii with any latest firmware installed? The new terms seem to be FUD.

    Thank you folks!

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    The MadWorld update doesn't change your firmware. Just allow it to update.

    Also, 4.0 firmware is out everywhere. If you don't care about homebrew or fake signed games than you can update to 4.0.

    Yes, you will still be able to play online.


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