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Thread: Wii Mod Chip?

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    Wii Mod Chip?

    What Is The Best Mod Chip For The Wii?

    And Where Can I Get One For Cheap?

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    I think the best one out so far is the WiiKey. You can try this site out... They will actually install your chip there. It costs $55 + shipping for them to get you a chip and install it. Their turn around time is about a week plus shipping times. I got my PS2 modded there and I'm expecting my Wii on my front porch in less than a week. Try them out... they have spectacular service and do an awesome job. You can AIM them at norcalmods. He's usually on at night. Good luck!

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    I just went to the link you provided and all the site was is a plain white page that simply says "Closed"

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    Mod chip

    Hi any one have the specs on installing a mod chip?

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    the best for me its wiikey and you can make updates

    try the offical site of wiikey

    Resources :: :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip

    have a nice day


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