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Thread: What is the diffrence between flatmii and flatmod?

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    Smile What is the diffrence between flatmii and flatmod?

    it seems like it is basicly the same thing except for the color....

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    Flatmii loads from your PC.
    Flatmod loads from you Wii.

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    how is it spose to load things from your wii :s i mean isent what the DVD drive is for...i want to load files from my computer (laptop) to my wii and all i need is flatMii right?

    i still dont get what flatmod does...

    EDIT: so flatmod is a modchip?? like drive key??? so flatmod is a solderless wii modchip for loading game and file DISKS and flatmii is a modchip to load game and file PROGRAMS that are not from a disk but on a compter...

    so how come someone couldent say "flatmii loads programs off the computer and flatmod plays burt games"

    oh well thanks anyway everyone who answered me and plese tell me if i am wrong but i a pretty shure that i am right lol
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    Flatmod plays disc backups from the DVD drive.
    Flatmii plays disc backups streaming from the PC.
    It doesn't have to be a game, the main.dol can be edited to contain Anyregionchanger or any other homebrew program you want. (also depends on if you can use trucha)

    So in short -
    they both play games
    they both load programs
    flatmii loads from pc
    flatmod loads from dvd drive

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    Thank you so much if there is anything i can do for you that is site realted besides press the Thanks button for your post (witch i did) please tell me, you are the only one who gave me a clear answer

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    You can also plug the flatmii into the dvd drive as well so you can play burnt games.

    I got a flatmod first and realised it wasn't what I wanted (as my DVD drive was buggered) But instead needed the flatmii to stream iso files from the pc to the wii using a usb > miniusb cable.

    It works fine. Sometimes it will lose the connection and tell you to reinsert the disk, but the interface is quite easy to use and can just click the "eject iso" button, and then mount the iso again and it works.

    If you have 64bit windows though, you will need to get Permanently Turn Off and Disable 64-bit (x64) Windows Vista Forced Driver Signature Signing with ReadyDriver Plus Tip and Trick

    As the flatmod drivers won't be getting certified by microsoft, so won't install on a 64bit OS


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