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Thread: Wad Manager 1.3 for SDHC Cards

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    Wad Manager 1.3 for SDHC Cards

    If you are having trouble getting Wad Manager 1.1 or 1.3 to work with your SDHC (over 2gb), try this one by thor. It works great. Enjoy...

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    hello everyone...altough i am new to these things softmodding etc etc i followed instructions on some very nice tutorials in order to softmod my Wii...followed all instructions but as it seems because i have a sdhc card 4gb Panasonic it causes problems...altough i do the 1st step ok and follow option 1 where it downloads files from net when i restart and use try to use this wad manager thingy i get error ret = -1...i searched the net and find out that its because of the sd..unfortunately i dont have another one right now and i though i could try this file u post here thats for SDHC cards...unfortunately i am getting the same error...can anyone explain or help me find a solution for this problem? thank you in advance...


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