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Thread: USB Loader 1.4 - Game Install Help!!!

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    Exclamation USB Loader 1.4 - Game Install Help!!!

    I have a really irritating problem that I canít seem to figure out.

    A little background first:

    • Wii with a WiiKey 2 Chip Installed.
    • Wii with 3.2U installed on it. This was downgraded from 3.4U.
    • I have a few IOSís installed for compatibility for certain games, like Ios38 for Animal Crossing and so on.
    • I have installed USB Loader 1.4
    • I also have cIOS36rev10.
    • I was unable to get the USB2.0 update to install. It would run, and it would come up to the screen for me to press A to continue and then just hang. I tried it a few time without success but then stopped my attempts.
    • I have a USB 300GB drive attached to the unit. This was built, (Formatted, and so on) on my PC. The games I have are seen, and playable without any issues or lock ups or anything like that. WellÖ untilÖ

    OkÖ now for the actual problem.

    When I want to backup my game to the hard drive it sometimes just freezes for no reason. If the game is small like Wii Sports it has no issues with it. It just seems like games that are bigger then 1.8gb are always touch and go..

    I have these games as originals. They are the games I own and figured I would just put them on the HDD so I never have to play with the DVDís. So they are not burned media or any type. But I canít seem to get them on without it freezing.

    I was able to get games like Wii Sports, and Wii Play, and Game Party to install on the drive since they are small in sixe, but then I moved to bigger games which all just lock up during the install. Itís never at a certain time that they lock up. It could be 30 minutes into it, or an hour into it. IT makes no difference.

    I have tried a second new hard drive in case the first one was getting a bit old (It was under a year) to rule that out as well.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what is going on?

    I'm completely confused by this one. Could this be a setting on the Wii itself?? Like it's going to sleep and stopping the install?

    Thanks for all you help in advance.

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    I have same problem and can't figure out what is causing it, my whole wii seems to be freezing randomly using hb, would it be a software problem or rather wii itself?

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    Had problems with Usb 1.4 also trying to backup originals. Switched to Usb loader 1.5 which has speeds much closer to the original 1.1 and had no hangups at all. Give it a shot.

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    with 1.5 had the same problem but worked with u7.4 - I made sure it doesn't go to 'sleep mode' by presing b every few min on wiimote so it never turns off. I'll try to install usb 2.0 maybe this will solve my preoblems for good.


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