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Thread: backup gamma just resets

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    backup gamma just resets


    i have just completed another friends wii with the softmod by following EOC's guide with the amendments as suggested (and working on another wii) for upgrade 3.1 to 3.2. the gamma launcher has loaded on to the wii but when i try to load a backup (pressing start button on the launcher screen), the wii just resets and goes back to the home screen.

    i have tried to uninstall the launcher and then reinstall but to no avail, i have also tried to reinstall pretty much all of the guide again (downgrader just gives an error) the rest just stating installed straight away.

    would upgrading to 3.3 and then downgrading be successful? or do i have to find a way of uninstalling all found in the guide and then re-installing (if so how do i go about doing this?)

    i have searched a number of times asking about gamma resetting and gamma problems but cannot seem to come up with an answer to this problem, if the answer is already here all i would ask is to be pointed to it and apologise for not finding it myself.

    many thanks


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    I have a similar problem have you found a solution?



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