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Thread: Loaders - List of Wii Loaders

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    Loaders - List of Wii Loaders

    Loaders - List of Loaders Here is a list of the current loaders.

    Waninkoko's USB Loader v1.5

    Waninkoko's USB Loader v1.4

    USB Loader v1.1 GUI Edition by Dimok

    USB Loader 3.0 (v1.1) Unofficial)

    WiiShizzza's "Ultimate" USB Loader (v1.1 and v1.4) V7

    Gecko 1.8 Released for Wii by brkirch

    Please remember these are not to be used with downloaded games especially if you do not own the original. WiiHacks does not support piracy. Backup your original games for safe keeping and/or preservation purposes.

    Wiihacks Super Mod / Admin

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    A new ultimate loader is out its based on 1.5

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    Just sharing some skin

    I just made the skin, all props go to Waninkoko and the other guys out there!!

    I am using USBLoaderModV3, so that's the only loader I've tried it with. Also, anyone that is using any of these, let me know if they look ok, on one of my TVs, they look fine n another , it looks like I have little more space to work with. I am using the standard 640X480 format. Keep in mind, that the loader, loads default images, so nothing gets in the way of the list or covers.

    this one has a nice little optical illusion in the Wii logo, just look away from it for a few seconds and look what happens....

    For the ladies

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    Are there any DVD loaders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro View Post
    Are there any DVD loaders?
    This is a USB Loader thread, and yes there are DVD laoders
    NeoGamma is a disc loader, and the latest version of USB Loader GX will load discs too.

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    coud u link me up to a thread with those two loaders u mentioned please

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    Us lil help plz

    hi everyone!
    I am looking for a hbc app that can run backups pf ntsc and pal games. is there such a thing and where can i find it? thanks.

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    nice skins...I am after something like can someone please tell me how do I put them on my wii to use with USB Loader GX....cos I have no idea on how to do it is there a tutorial on installation on skins somewhere?

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    Loader with support for network share

    Hello guys!

    Is there a loader that supports loading ISOs from a network share?
    Is it even possible?

    Reading a burned DVD (4X) is about 5,28 MB/sec.
    USB 2.0 goes around 30 MB/sec (60 MB/sec in theory).
    Wii WiFi can reach up to 6.75 MB/sec (reading from lan shares).

    So, in theory, the speed wouldn't be a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlavila View Post
    Hello guys!

    Is there a loader that supports loading ISOs from a network share?
    That would be great to use with my NAS :P
    Wii 3.2E (Upgrade to 4.1E or not?)
    Wiikey v1
    USB Loader GX
    HDD LaCie 1TB (Full, need a 2Tb HDD)

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