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Thread: Idiot proof guide regardings WADS not working

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    Idiot proof guide regardings WADS not working

    So lets first access that I am not an idiot, otherwize the sticky guide would have worked.
    My Wii has a Wiikey-1. I want to use WAD's just because I cannot find the ISO's, nor a WAD to ISO conversion program.
    The firmware is running 3.1e. The mod Wiikey 1.9s
    Please tell me what I did wrong.

    Step 0.1: Downgrade to 3.2
    I skipped this one; I am running 3.1e and I looked for a save update: couldn't find one.
    Step 1&2: downloaded and extracted the WAD manager.

    Step 3:
    Make 2 folders in the root "apps" if you don't already have it and "wad"
    it should look like this
    Well, it did not look like this. I made the folders apps and wad, but the rest of the 2 GB card was empty. I check in the Wii system menu, and all game-saves are on the Wii itself.

    Steps 4 -8
    Step 4: Open the "apps" folder, and make a folder called "wad manager"
    I did so.
    Step 5: Move the .dol file into the folder, and rename it to "boot"
    I did so.
    Step 6: go back to the root of your SD card
    Step 7: download or get a .wad (if already had some)
    Step 8: put that file in the "wad" folder, what the wad is called doesn't matter
    I did so.
    So the manual tells me that know this folder should look like

    Well it did not. I could see the *.wad files, but not the IOS......
    because I did not install them.
    The download link stated: "
    These are the IOS's from the latest games, they are required to get Animal crossing, Need for speed, and several other games to work, just download and install via Wad manager, and youll be good to go."
    Well first of all the games included (AC and N4S) work, and I need a Wad manager to install them. But I am just trying to install the Wad Manager in the first place.

    Step 9: put the SD card in the Wii slot under the drive: I did,
    I booted and nothing happened other than my Wii booting normally.
    I went to Wii and look both on Wii channels and SD card channels. All SD card channel where empty and on Wii channels nothing had changed.
    I looked for saved game date: everything is on the Wii, nothing on the SD card.

    So what this did idiot do wrong?

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    You are going to be sent to the reading room for this

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    did you ever install them or did it say -2011 because that happened to me


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