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Thread: Hello I am new.

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    Hello I am new.

    Dear All,

    I am very new to the wii-users and I am having a problem. I bought my wii last week and before knowing that i should face some problems later I updated my wii to system menu 4.0. I know that at this moment there is no homebrew channel available for system menu 4.0.
    So my question is, can I downgrade my 4.0 to a lower version and if so to which version should I downgrade and how do I do this.

    Thanks in advance,

    A rookie from the Netherlands

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    Im afraid you cannot at the moment because u need the hombrew channel to run the downgrader

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    Shame pal, your screwed, Let this be a lesson, never update firmware on anything once you have bought it. *Your below a rookie* Ummmmm gurgle ummm Coooooookieess

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    thanks, by the way when I reset my wii will it not be set back to factory settings?


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