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Thread: Some games don't work anymore

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    Question Some games don't work anymore

    Hi , i have my wii softmoded with EoC and gamaloader error 002 fix.everything was working flawlesly until recently when i installed a game wad and now some games wont run. the wii starts trying to read the backup as soon as i turn it on and then it gives me an error an i have to restart.Normal games have no problem and some backups run fine but some just do the same error. i installed some ios and upgraded and downgraded again and did all from the begining but the problem persists. What could it be?

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    Update: i now realize that only ntsc games give error and pal games work fine , but my wii is from usa and have 3.2u menu , how to fix this?

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    you could possibly try the Legend of Gamma Loader , it auto forces ntsc. and has the 002 fix .

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    Loader not the problem

    The gama loader is not the problem. Even if i don't do anything an leave the wii in the main menu it stills try to read the game by itself and gives an error.


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