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Thread: SD/USB Loader v1.5 Released

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    SD/USB Loader v1.5 Released

    SD/USB Loader v1.5 Released

    Waninkoko has released a new version of SD/USB Loader for the Nintendo Wii. This is the main version that all of the spinoffs are based on. This new version features a bunch of bug fixes along with brining the backup time back to v1.1 speeds.


    SD/USB Loader is an application for the Nintendo Wii that allows you to be able to install and to load your backups from a storage device USB or SD/SDHC.


    - Corrected bug when installing games in partitions majors of 512GB.
    - Corrected bug when mounting the devices.
    - Corrected bug that permitia not to load Excites Truck (the game cannot be loaded from SD because to the own it needs it game to accede to music).
    - Improved the speed of installation.
    - The update partitions/canales/VC are not unknown in the future facilities (in previous versions the partitions were copied but they were eliminated of the table of partitions and therefore they stopped existing).
    - Adjustments and optimizations several.


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    There's a new version of the USB Loader about every three days, and then, there are about 6 different GUIs for it over that 6 days which are updated and released about once every 3-4 hours. I would rather there be no more GUIs made until the final USB/SD Loader is made. But anyway, 1.5, woop-de-doo, more great improvements and optimization. What's the next step in this? It's already so packed that I can't think of a single thing that needs to be added. Maybe if someone put all the different loaders (DVD Backup loaders like gamma, cheat engine Ocarina, SD/USB loader, etc.) together in one app, that would be great. Just choose loading device, (USB/SD/DVD) choose region, (NTSC, PAL) and choose whether cheats are on or off, it could just be called like, Ultiate Loader or something. Now THAT, would be cool.

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    Does anyone know how to install this loader...??
    It doesnt mention one word about how to do it

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    Waninko is god of Wii! This application is totally awesome and im glad i got HBC to work rather than updating to 4.0 like i would of if i hadn't of heard about the Twighlight Hack.

    Thanks Modderman for posting this

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    Quote Originally Posted by th3_rul3r View Post
    Does anyone know how to install this loader...??
    It doesnt mention one word about how to do it
    When you extract the folder, there should be a file in there called SD/USB Loader.dol or simialar, rename it boot.dol. Then, take the folder it's in and put it in your apps folder on the SD Card. Waninkoko never names his .dols right, they need to be boot.dol.
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    what frusterated me about the USB loaders, is that the 1.4-1.5 suck, and the ultimate version 7.4 rules, but also, they dont tell you WHERE to get the updated cIOS36_Rev10 which is needed, and they dont mention that you also need a certain wad for that, so the easy 1 thing to install wasnt the case, rather I had to install 3 things.. but either way with the manager at 2.2 and the things finally set up, I am FINALLy very very happy with usb loader, and will probably never update again now that i have the version i have currently it has everything i want. thanks to those guys!

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    This is nice, I've got it set up, but I just need an external drive for it.

    Is there any way to load .iso backups from the computer to that drive? Maybe by burning it to a disc then using the loader?

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    Okay, I'm having some issues.... I've searched and searched and can't find a solution, so I'm posting here.

    I have updated to IOS36 rev 10 through Waninkoko's updater. When I use the network install, everything works fine. When I use the wad manager v1.3 (not the rev 10 installer) to install ios36-64-1042.wad (with rev 10 already in place) everything works fine as well... HOWEVER... when i roll back to an earlier version to be able to use wiigator's backup loader and then use the wad manager to install the updated (rev 10 version) of ios36-64-1042.wad, waninkoko's USB loader doesn't detect the drive (-1 error). If I install the networked version through the rev10 installer, it works again... Has anyone else noticed this? Does the rev 10 installer install a different version over the network than the wad?

    I know that wiigator's app and waninkoko's app need the diff ios versions, my question isn't about that. My question is why can I only seem to get waninkoko's app to work when I install the ios 36 rev 10 via network install?

    I've also tried to use the wad creator v1.0 to extract ios36 and ios250, it says it was successful, but nothing gets saved to the sd card.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This version is a nice build.
    The only problem with these differant versions is that you have to change the cIOS36 back and forth. I was using cIOS 36 V10 on the last couple of
    builds. Now I had to go with cIOS36 V9 on this build.

    I would like to see a wifi loader option on a future Version of Usb-Loader.
    (I have a NAS hooked to my router.)

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    glad i read this.

    just so i understand correctly. if i update to cIOS36 V9 or V10, the wii gator backup launcher 0.3 will no longer work correctly?

    but i will need to install at least V9 to properly work USB loader 1.5?

    this must be why using cIOS36 v8 i get the -6 error?

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