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Thread: 2 quick questions guys :) prob noob questions

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    2 quick questions guys :) prob noob questions

    1. Anyone know how to get back up of RED STEEL working ,it freezes on licenced by nintendo screen pal version.

    2. i have a 2 gig sd card in my wii,but the files on it are wad managers/backup launchers etc, i want to use a smaller stick if i can),what folders specifically must i keep to keep once i installed the launcher/wad(to make my backups run fine).
    If i have installed everything i need to run backups,what should be the only folders i can transfer to my smaller sd card

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    Red steel needs to be patched to IOS249 with the IOS patcher- just drag the iso onto the IOSPatcher.exe and input 249.

    If you have the backup launcher installed as a channel the you don't need an SD card at all. Just keep a few useful things on wad manager, Wii Config, AnyTitleDeleter etc

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    thanks buddy ----appreciate help


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