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Thread: Need help installing

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    Question Need help installing

    I just purchased the D2Pro9 V3 Bundle + Wiiclip2 V4C-9A from Modchip Central - Official Distributor of Wiikey, D2Pro, D2Pro9, Wii-clip, R4DS, M3 Real, R4 DS, D2Pro 9, Wiikey2, Wiikey 2, Memor32, DSTT, Acekard, Acekard2, Acekard2 and more!

    All I can find is a basic image that is supposed to be used as an install guide.

    I'm kind of a virgin here with this stuff. I need a little more help. Are there any resources out there that show exactly what I should be doing? How to open up the Wii, ect.

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    these two videos, i followed and found it has the most perfect detail right from the professional end of fitters


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