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    Question just an advice

    Hi to all...

    I found out that I can't install preloader 0.29 on my wii because I had the 3.4 (now I have the 4.0 wanin).....

    And I found out that maybe soon bootmii will be released...

    A friend of mine (that help me to enter in the homebrew world) tell me that he brick one time with a wad.....

    So I'm afraid to install a wad now...

    My friend says that I have to downgrade to 3.2, install preloader and then install again 4.0 waninkoko...
    But yesterday something strange happens...
    On downgrade...wii return an error on network connection because it can't download a file...
    My friend said that I have to be carefull because if the wii stop install the downgrade, my wii will be brick!
    Oh man! I'm more afraid than before now!

    So I stop after the restart I didn't tryed again to downgrade, I'm just afraid that in a critical point my wii can't download his files and BOOM!

    Now I have cIOS rev 9 at least so I can run USB loader...

    But I just want to install some wads...but maybe downgrade is too dangerous and if I want to be protected I have to wait for bootmii...

    What can you advice to me?
    What I should do...?!

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    Just go to the tutorial section of the site, there are loads of guides that will walk you through. I had a problem installing the hombrew channel etc first time cause my connection failed, I didn't realize that was the issue, so just make sure the internet connection is working from the wii, it doesn't take long, just be patient. Also make sure you only downgrade to the same country code.

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    The only time I've heard of wads bricking a wii is when the wad is from a different region as the wii.

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    I don't know botulismo...he said that the was the same region as the console... O_O

    for hawkers...
    I don't read tutorial because my friend says that I only have to load cios downgrader, select 3.2E (my console is PAL) and then wait...

    I repeat...I'm just afraid to brick because of the connection...that works fine on notebooks and pc of my house...and works fine also on wii (i've tested it with browser) but I don't know why some times when I install thing from homebrew channel connection sometimes stop working...

    That's happened also when I try to install cIOS rev 9...wii gave me a network error on downloading a component...then I retry the installation and everything goes fine

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    Do the downgrade, it will be fine! as long as you're not on dial up the whole process only takes a few minutes...but if you really are that worried wait for bootmii, there should be a public beta release in a couple of weeks....and you can only brick from a wad that has a wrong size banner, if you get your stuff from somewhere trusted then you will be safe.

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    wads can only brick if they have an invalid banner.

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    thanks to all...
    I think I will wait for bootmii...

    The problem of downgrade is that last time I try it my wii return an error on network I think and I'm too afraid to brick for a network problem!!

    For cIOS rev 10 what can you advice?
    I read many people that have many many problem with that...but maybe I need it for usbloader!

    What can I do? Update to rev 10? ore try usbloader with rev 9?
    If I have to upgrade to rev 10, I have to uninstall rev 9 first?

    Thanks again...
    This forum save my "life"

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    no, you just install rev 10 over it. sometimes network doesnt work, so try the wad method (you will have to find the ios by youreslf soz!), and why do you want to downgrade? if you have 4.0 i understand, but 3.4 is fine (btw 4.0 sucks)

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