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Thread: preloader "failed to get root, fakesign fixed ios(36)"

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    preloader "failed to get root, fakesign fixed ios(36)"

    hi chaps.

    just upgraded to cfw 4.0E ios60 and am having trouble installing preloader.29.

    "failed to get root, ios(36) has fakesign bug fixed" and returns to hbc menu.

    any suggesttions would be greatly appreciated
    thanks in advance

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    I had this exact problem. I already had custom IOS36 v10 installed.

    But I did not have the original IOS36-64-1042 installed. I installed it.

    And preloader 0.29 works fine now.

    Hop this helps.

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    i had simialiar issue, and also every once it a while i had screen pop up tell me system is corrupt. I removed .29 and installed .28 and everything is fine.


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