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Thread: Wii Firmware 2.1e

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    Wii Firmware 2.1e

    Hello folks, im new to this site and i thought someone could help me please..

    I have 2.1e wii firmware and i have tried doing the Twilight hack, everything thing went to plan, but when i go through the accept prompts it came up with this error.

    Loading Instalation data...
    Checking System...
    Im running IOS21 2.2
    Error checking the system menu version.
    Then exits back to wii menu.
    Do i need to update my firmware to 2.2e or even to the 3.x firmware to get twilight to install? If so what game would allow me to do so?

    Thank You.......Darkplace.....

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    You really need to be on 3x, lots of games have suitable updates, Mario power tennis has 3.4, Animal crossing 3.3 have a look through this list for more


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