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Thread: 4.0 Wii Shop games on a previous version of the system menu???

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    4.0 Wii Shop games on a previous version of the system menu???

    Alright, I used The new WiiSCU lastnight to update my shop channel and some of the IOS's (16,60,61). I wanted to download Pitfall big time cause I just love that freaking game.So I bought it, it wouldn't boot. I then proceeded to install a WAD, didn't boot.

    The screen will go black, and then return to the Wii Menu. Is there another IOS I need in order to play the new Wii shop games on my 3.2 console so I don't have to update. Or do I have to update.....

    Also, is there a way to get the SD Card menu on a 3.2 console.
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    no id think that u can have the SD card loader on version 3.2 and also as for ur wii shopping thing were u got ur game what i did (not sure if this will brick or not but it didn't brick mine) i used the unofficial wii 4.0 system update downloaded my game and then downgraded and it WORKED soooooo ya i don't think it will brick but idk hope it dont

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    Ouch, the english language just died a little.

    Seek out Dogeggs' Guide to using the 4.0 features while keeping homebrew. It's somewhere on the site... :/


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