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Thread: Patching ISO pick a number!

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    Patching ISO pick a number!

    The first 10 or so backups worked fine. I patched the to 249 as recommended but recently more games fail to work. I tried a few different numbers such as 33 and 55 with some success but it's trial and error. Not every number works with every game.

    How can I tell what number to patch iso's to?

    Thanks in advance. JTL
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    i have a 3.2u wii with soft mii before i was using wiigators backuplauncher. I only had to patch mortal kombat annihilation, that i recall. Do you have a soft mod?

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    Yes it's a soft mod.

    I'm just checking the numbers on iso that have worked. They are 21, 33, 35, 55 and 249 but like I said that doesn't mean these work on all of the isos that I have.

    I assumed that I had to have the corresponding ios wads installed on the wii. I downloaded and installed IOS38-64-v3609 IOS53-64-v4113 and IOS55-64-v4633. Am I right about this. Should I look for every ios***wad I can find??

    I have Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma RegionFrii.wad and cIOS36_rev9-Installer on the Wii (tried rev11 but games are freezing up)

    And 3.2 firmware

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    38, 53 & 55 are the most common to get the newer games working
    Use the Gamma .002_fix back up launcher

    The vast majority of games DO NOT require patching at all.
    Far better to search the game name on this site to see if it has been mentioned as a problem.

    From memory the only one I had to patch was

    Medal of Honour Heroes

    Have you used the search function ? used the Tutorial section ?

    Did you know you can donate to help the running of this forum ?

    hi...sorry we're busy, so only giving priority to supporting members like MK contestants / forum donators at this time...

    The advice given is up to you whether to act on it or not. NO responsibility is taken for you screwing up !
    Thanks for your understanding


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