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Thread: Argon2 vs WiiKey2

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    Smile Argon2 vs WiiKey2

    Hey, i have an option to buy two diffrent wii's:

    1. New nintendo wii with Argon2 mod chip installed
    2. New nintendo wii with Wiikey2 mod chip installed

    Which chip is better, and wich one should i get? Thanks alot

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    From personal experience I love the wiikey 2. It is more popular then the argon 2 so should have better support in the long run. I would go with the more popular chip. Both will operate equally and do the same thing.

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    Wiikey2 for sure.
    If you know about Argon's reputation for clumsiness, broken software, inexistant product support... the list could go on...
    You should most definately choose Wiikey2. It's not top of the line (that's Wasabi), but it's got satisfactory support, and everything works.


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