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Thread: Riiskii Mod (or something similiar) on 4.0E!

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    Riiskii Mod (or something similiar) on 4.0E!

    I wanted to say "Hello" to everyone on this forums, and getting to my point,
    I'd like to ask, if there is some softmod - which enables of using Backup Copies of Wii Games - directly from disc channel loader? something like the Riiskii Mod (now known as SoftMii), but I want to use it on european Wii with 4.0 installed (and of course with HBC installed already because I know that it's impossible for now to install HBC on 4.0E for now). I know that the most important part of enabling the Backups to work was the cIosCorp (instalation of custom Ios),
    and everything works for 3.4E and lower.

    I've found on other forums something like MiiWii - but i have only downloaded it and it's instruction in pdf - and can't get a password to open the pdf file... if someone has it please share ^^'

    I also know that Gamma Loader 0.3g is working on 4.0E? right?

    I'm asking this because I have 3.2E with Riiskimod2.0
    and I'd like to use the new features of 4.0 (ex. using SDHC), I know that I can also use the update prepared by Waninkoko which let me install only selected features of 4.0 but I don't know if it fully works?

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    Hi qlczas - i would give miiwii a shot, i think the password to the pdf is 'password'! It has got all you need to get cioscorp going, though the installer is a bit unnecessary imo, as for downgrading use this guide and you will be fine.....and gamma works fine on 4


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