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Thread: A few questions here :)

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    Question A few questions here :)

    ok i've heard that the iso loader 1.4 is slower compared to previous ones is that true ? and i've also heard some people have been having problems with cIOS rev 10 and have backed up to cIOS 9 which one should i go for ?

    Thats all

    Almost forgot i have two 64GB pendrives will those work if i stick them in my wii ? or should i just wait and use the 320 GB Hdd i ordered(its not arrived yet) ?
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    I noticed it was a little slow the first time I installed 10, I just reinstalled like 5 mins ago and its fine, must have missed something. It seemed to work fine on 9 too.... For the sticks just put them in before you launch the usb loader and it will format wbfs you.


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