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Thread: no output signal after update? am i bricked?

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    no output signal after update? am i bricked?

    ok here is my problem

    i own a pal wii with a d2pro fitted, recently i updated to 4.0e (1st mistake) then i followed the guide on here and downgraded back to 3.2e through HBC. all was good. i have just put mario power tennis (pal) in and it said i needed a wii update so i let it do it. after it installed my wii didnt reboot back to the wii menu as expected just hung. when i reboot i can hear my machine come on and the drive spin but get no output to the tv from it and the wiimote wont sync either.

    anyone heard of this before or got any ideas

    thanks danny

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    by memory, did u ever update ur d2pro ?
    r u sure the mario_power_tennis is of pal ? 99.999% i guess it's....... lol

    usually, wii hand and wiimote handicapped when the game's booted with wrong IOS.

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    cheers for the reply

    the chip has never been updated and is about 12 months old. and the mario super tennis is defo pal.


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