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Thread: Backup channel problems

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    Unhappy Backup channel problems

    Hey Guys,

    Right ive just installed homebrew and backup channel on my wii 3.3E, got my copied game, but as soon as I click on backup channel it says this channel cannot be used. Am a bit of a noob at this but have followed the guides and installed everything, but have no idea what ive missed. Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.


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    hv it installed as a channel ? or running it as an apps fm hbc ?
    any cios might hv been missed during BkUp Launcher installation ?

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    Yeah its installed as a channel. Ive run cIOS36 Rev 7 and DVDx, and installed IOS249.

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    Try launching it as an app in the HBC first. Maybe your wad didn't install right or its a bad wad. If you cannot launch from the HBC, reinstall cIOS36 but use rev9 or rev10, they are newer. Rev7 should work just fine, maybe it didn't go through on the installation as well.

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    ok if I run the backup installer as an app from HBC that starts up, but then it says the disc could not be this to do with me not copying the game to dvd properly? Ive got an .iso file on my desktop, do I need to patch it or something before burning?

    sorry for being a bit 'special'

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    review ur dvd-r burning scheme:
    ImgBurn, speed at 2X, shut down irrelevent applications on PC during burning,
    no patch, keep the iso virgin, otherwise it won't be read somehow...

    if i were u, i would hv done cios16, cios249, cios249-IOS36-rev7.wad, IOS 38, 53, 55, cios37

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    ok il try rewriting a disk, if not il start again going through all the cios's u say. thanks for the help, no doubt i'll be back lol

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    to mininize ur disappointment by mistake, try to rewrite a disk of Mario_Kart, or Wii_Play. u're far fm graduate

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    You're actually a genius my good man!! :P thankyou sooo much xx

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    Can anyone help? I'll try to explain my problem as much as I can and it's also the only reason I registered to this site.

    So, I have used the Twilight Hack with no problems on my Wii 3.4e (not downgraded, and I don't have internet on the Wii, so it can't update itself, wheter that's possible)
    Homebrew Channel is version 1.0.3 (latest)
    Now, I want to get the Backup Launcher Channel
    I tried with one site, but I kept getting the 2011 error

    Can anyone help me or provide a very descent and reliable guide/link/site

    I would very appreciate your effort :-)

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