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Thread: Dam it i tryed it all!!

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    Angry Dam it i tryed it all!!

    hey ppl
    i got a drivekey problem and i live in norway. so i have set my drive key in EU version. i have check that i have wires are correct conneted (dvd and wii). there is no red flashing light when i turn on the wii and when i press eject three times the red light comes. when i burned backup game (on traxdata dvd+r 4,8GB with 1, 2 and 4x speed, sony dvd-r 4,8 GB on 4x speed and verbatim dvd-r DL 8,6 GB with nero and imgburn as a burner) the typical massage comes, that the wii cant reed the game...

    is it more i have to check or what i have done wrong? can it be the drivekey? and btw i bought my drivekey through

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    how's the weather in Norway ? i've a tour over there last June.

    after so many trials of various dvd-r's, still unread ? weird !
    what exactly the 'error message" on screen ? a big upsidedown ? mark?

    tried original game disc ? work fine ?

    put dvd+r aside. focus on 16X-dvd-r, ImgBurn speed 2X, verify ISO image (unzipped) file size as 4589824KB as read with WinXP.

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    the weather is starting to be great XD, the snow is soon over finally!! unusally that the snow is so heavy -.-

    i know the chip is rly weird... can it be i burned wrong? like i have to do something, then speed on imgburn? i can try agian... give me a full guide plz just in case

    the error massage is:

    An error has occurred. Press
    the Eject Button and remove
    the disc, then turn the Wii
    console off and refer to the
    Wii Operations Manual for
    help troubleshooting.

    and the orginal games work perfect!

    ok, dam can it work with dvd-r with the 8,6GB? cuz i used 4,6GB, i can try to delete in the imgburn.

    but i downloaded my backup game here
    Download PAL Wii ISO Torrents • Wii PAL Games

    i tryed naruto 2, but lets try avatar:
    Wii-Avatar.The.Last.Airbender.Into.The.Inferno.PAL.tor rent
    (press ctrl+f and search at the site)

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    any torrent would be ok if download goes fine.
    the error message is obviously of bad midea, poor copy, kinda....
    shut down irrelevant applications on ur PC when burning ISO files. this would help the data streamline and avoid Wii-useless disc (even the disc was burnt-verified ok).

    DL doublesided is dvd+r
    SL singlesided is dvd-r
    u don't need to be rich in selecting disc type...... lol

    try to burn ur Mario_Kart , y not?
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    hehe, i only have verbatim DL with dvd-r 8,6GB or traxdata with dvd+r 4,6GB

    i done mario kart! i finshed the game and i actually wanna try naruto agian!!

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    dam it!! i used imgburn with traxdata dvd+r 4,6 GB with speed 2,4x and still no results!!

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    mind & set booktype b4 u burn anything.

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    thanks for helping me! sorry if i bother u, i kinda new. how can do booktype thing? plz full guide if u could XD

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    go here, at the bottom theres a link to burning discs for drivekey

    How it Works DriveKey

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    damit when i try to change to drive (dvd+r) i get error under
    unknowed (FAILED!)
    reason: no additional sense information

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