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Thread: USB Loader 1.4 Covers Help

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    Talking USB Loader 1.4 Covers Help


    First off, this thread is wonderful. I was able to get the whole thing up and running with the tutorials and faq on this site. The games play without an issue. But I have one small problem.

    I'm using the USB Loader 1.4 that just came out.

    In the directions, it says to put all cover files in the "usb-loader/covers" directory on the rood of the SD card.

    I have done this, yet it still does not show any cover artwork when I scroll through my game list.

    I have the actual application ( My SD Card is J: ) in the j:/apps/usb-loader folder, and then created the j:/usb-loader/covers folder on the root of the SD card.

    I think this is what I was supposed to do, but it still does not work.

    Can anyone help me through the error of my ways???

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    cover graphic meets spec ?

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    I figured it out. I originally used the cIOS36rev9 with the USB Loader 1.4 and it worked with the exception of the missing cover artwork. But when I updated to the cIOS36rev10 the cover artwork started to work. Now everything appears to work just fine. I know some people were having trouble with the cIOS36rev10 but then I also seen that the first release of it was buggy but the second is working much better, and for me it works like a charm. Thanks for all your help!!!

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    smart finding and fine echo.

    how to differ the 1st and the 2nd releases, say ?

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    Well I wish I could say where I read that. The person or persons who makes the cIOS36rev10 was in a thread and someone had asked him about if there was a new release. And he/she said that it was the second version of rev10 since the first one was bad.

    I didn't make a note of where I found it. You know how it goes. Propping yourself up going through thread after thread for hours on end until you finally find what you were looking for. JACKPOT!

    But I do know thats fixes the cover problem, and I myself, have no problems with the rev10 on my Wii. Now I have one of the original Wii's from two months after they were released, so I also found out that running things on these Wii's is much easer then newer ones. Who knows if thats true or not. I'm not an expert.

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    fine.. u made the point !
    say the "time/date" that u got the 2nd. so, noobs could verify if their downloads with respect to YOUR cut-time. fair enough ?

    u don't need to be an expert. Yet, u could be a team leader.
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    Ok, the IOS36_REV10 that I downloaded has a date/time stamp of 4/12/2009 2:10am. It's 1247kb in size. Hope that helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gjohnlue View Post
    Ok, the IOS36_REV10 that I downloaded has a date/time stamp of 4/12/2008 2:10am. It's 1247kb in size. Hope that helps!
    Oopppppp.... 2008 ? not 4/12/2009 ?

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    That's what I get for being up so late... Your right, it's 2009... I fixed it....

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    Here is a link to a reliable sorce for IOS36rev10

    Translated version of



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