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Thread: What Wii chip is the best?

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    Question What Wii chip is the best?

    Which chip is the best, most safe and secure? What chips are crap and i should not buy? Thanks

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    From what i have heard the wiikey is the best but these days the scene has advanced so much there is no need for a wii chip to be honest

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    before you buy any chip google reviews on them 1st dont go for the cheapest you will want one you can update. You get what you pay for.

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    Not cause im a ModChip installer.. but it's better to have a ModChip installed instead
    of using the booters and home brew's out there.. everytime a firmware is released...
    forget it... gotta wait for a new release, cant boot Game Cube games and other
    headaches u gotta deal with... With the ModChip (i use the Wiikey and Wiikey2) ..
    no worries about updates and Wiikey would always provide a firmware update when
    needed... so it's up to the users.. i had people where they had the homebrew channel
    and still wanted to the ModChip installed..

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    the affordable one is the best. technically affordable ( ie. direct soldreing, f/w updating, trouble shooting etc. ), not $$$wise
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    Yeah i have got a wiikey, i got that way before the homebrew channel and any back-up loaders and i must admit they are great you can update them via dvd and as spiktsu said they dont really need updates, you will have to solder them in though, there are solderless mod chips for the wii but i cant comment on these as i have never used them.

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    Wiihacks says the Wasabi Zero is the best chip and I'm inclined to agree with them. It's worked flawlessly for me, and at 6x speed too. It comes with its own update blocker (you have to enable it yourself with a config disc.)

    If you don't know if you have an epoxied drive or something, then I'd say the Wasabi DX looks pretty good too. You can run it as a wasabi zero as well if you don't need to use the drive cable; using it as a DX restricts it to 3x speed and no gamecube audio fix, but still you can't beat it for comparable solutions.

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    Drive key

    I think it depends on what you want to do.I have the Drive key in mine,it was a very simple install (first time doing one too),And it has worked flawlessly for me.the differance is i dont use any softmods on my wii ,i just wanted something to help me play backups.Some other chips might work better with the softmods.The best advice i can give is to read theses forums and see what problems people are having with the chips and use that to determine what will fit your needs.Hope that helps.

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    any chip that goes through the ribbon is what i would support (not a fan of soldering chips or the clip) its simple and *almost* foolproof if you have some type of intelligence (from what i can tell, if you can open up the wii without breaking it, installing these ribbon type chips is guaranteed after that). But I must support softmod, its sooooo much easier than having to take apart the wii. read a guide, watch a video, download the software, and sit back and click buttons. 10 minutes later youre booting backups (inlcuding Gamecube even though compat. lacks most Gamecube games suck anyway!)

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    wiikey or wii wasp are the best in my opinion. fw updatable chips are definately the way to go. wii wasp says that it is vertually unbrickable on their website.


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