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Thread: need help v4.0E

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    Talking need help v4.0E

    Hi can anyone help i had my wii with v3.4e
    i installed the twighligt hack fine now have homebrew channel
    then i forgot to install cios rev 7
    then i stupidly downloaded the update for v4.0
    now i have hombrew channel but cant install any wads or cios revs
    and not quite sure wether to use anyregion changer to revert back to older firmware can anyone help at all

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    Same problem

    Hello mate,

    I also have v4.0 and cannot find a way to down grade to v3.4 / 3.3 / 3.2 I cannot do anything like u said it cannot be done at present i have been told but i';m sure once some has the hack they will tell us what to do.

    take it easy

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    This isnt a section for problems, Reading room 5 days for the thread starter.

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