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Thread: Wii clip How to Cutting traces?

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    Wii clip How to Cutting traces?

    I am newbie, and had a question about my wii clip V14 presoldered Wiikey2 with yellow sticker. I will be attaching to D2E chip. Do I need to cut on the D.E & F traces?
    If so where do I do that?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help. Just a mom trying to help her sons.

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    hi, i also have a wiikey2 + wiiclipV14 and D2C chipset, because I may need point D,E,F in the future for let’s say a different model Wii, I did not cut the traces or anything, all i did was remove the solder from point G then slide in a pace of paper in between the Wiikey2 and the wiiclip V14 D,E,F points, after that i re-soldered point G.

    I recently got my wiikey2 yellow sticker and installed it, all worked fine the status LEDs flashes RED, BLUE, RED, BLUE then all LEDs goes off, this means it’s a good installation, apparently.

    One problem that you well encounter is Mario kart and super smash brother brawl well come up on the disc channel but when you click start it well go to a blank screen, I’ve been doing some digging and have not found what the problem is yet, I have even soldered point D, E, F but it made no difference, so let me know if you get any problems with these games that’s if you have backup of them. Also SSBB original does not boot for me, let me know if you find a way to boot these “problem titles”

    Hope this helped.

    I am always trying to help others but lately no one bothered to help me oh the irony
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